Our Programs

Wee Kids Preschool strives to provide exceptional care in a safe and nurturing environment to create an enriching learning experience for each child and seek out the most compassionate and qualified staff to care for your child. Wee Kids believes children are born eager and ready to learn and as educators, it is our responsibility to foster learning by providing child with the opportunities that will allow them to create their own meanings to the world around them.


After School Program

Young children are constantly learning and growing, and our After-School Program create a space for them to socialize, build, play, and explore. Whether it’s age-appropriate sports instruction, voice lessons, or service learning and leadership engagements, these programs provide young children the opportunity to develop their own independent skills and passions.

After School Programs serve children of all ages. These programs encompass a broad range of focus areas including academic support, mentoring, positive youth development, arts, sports and recreation, apprenticeships, workforce development programs, and programs. The activities children and youth engage in outside of school hours are critical to their overall development, highlighting the need for quality after-school programs in all communities. 

Activities includes but not limited to following are offered in our After School Program

         -  Academic Support                -  Reading 

         -  Creative Writing                   -  Class Presentations

         -  Creativity on Canvas            -  Scribbling

         -  Stage Exposure                   -  Problem Solving

         -  Music and Dance                 -  ECA Activities

Virtual Learning

Wee Kids Preschool has always been ‘learner centric’ and open to change, even in this challenging time, we have ensured high quality learning for every child virtually involving both parents and teachers in the child's learning process. Our new digitally-enabled learning program, integrated with online classes will focus on fun, activity-based learning with daily lesson plans, preparation for specific sessions, assessment and parents’ interaction.

Additionally, Wee Kids Preschool offers parents with Student Mobile Application, which gives parents a valuable insight into their child’s day, educational progress and keep track of the finances- online and on the mobile phone! Parents can capture, collate and share a child's learning journey and daily activities digitally and start easy two-way communication with teachers, joining up the child's early learning journey. Additionally, it helps to easily access all your early years information and reports all in one place and at the click of a button.


A Day at Wee Kids Preschool

For Wee Kids Preschool, childhood is a celebration and we ensure that our children make the most of every moment. We have a daily routine to provide a structured children’s day at Wee Kids Preschool, where various indoor and outdoor activities are combined and performed in active participation of children either individually or in groups, focusing on all domains of childhood development.

Arrival & Breakfast

Children play quietly and eat breakfast. As they finish their meal, they can play however they choose at our learning centers until most children have arrived and are finished eating.


Wee Kids Preschool performs daily assembly, where children come together for the National Anthem, participate in morning prayers and also some physical exercises.

Group Time

The real start to our day begins when we come together as a group to welcome each other and talk briefly about the day's planned events. We will also do things like read a book out loud or sing a song!

Activity Time

Activity is an important part of our classrooms, and usually involves small-group activities. Your child will do things like play with blocks, experiment with creative arts, engage in dramatic play, read, do age-appropriate math or science activities, or write. Literacy and reading activities, listening, dramatic play and storytelling, cooperative building, science experiences, sensory exploration, open-ended art projects are also part of activity time.

Lunch Time

Children are offered with healthy and notorious lunches prepared at school kitchen. Details of lunch plan will be provided to parents in advance and the menu differs as per season (summer/ winter).

Outdoor Play

It’s time to go outside! Mostly little ones play on their own, using their imaginations. Outdoor time can also be part of our daily themed activity, including but not limited to group game play, climbing, riding, time in the garden, cooperative play in the mud kitchen, activities that support vestibular processing as well as proprioceptive play.

Rest Time

Ssshh … it’s quiet time. Many children will nap, but as they wake up (or if they never quite get to sleep), they can select different quiet activities, such as looking at books or drawing.

Co-Curricular Activity

Kids come back to activity centers to play and explore on their own. Music, Creative Movement, P.E., Library Small Group work which includes math, writing, and reading lessons or do a theme-related activity led by a teacher.

Safe Dispersal

It’s time for pick-up! After a busy day together, children are given the space and time to explore and play in the school on their own. Drop off by school van/bus and/or safe handover process to parents ensures smooth dispersal every day.

Quick Contact

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