Franchise Opportunity

Wee Kids offers Franchise for any educational establishment with Nepal Government pre-primary operation licensing (or those in process/thoughts of obtaining licensing). We are constantly looking for partners who love kids and have a passion to be in the education sector with a long-term vision.

We are totally committed to building and maintaining a highly professional and successful network of franchisees. In our business the secret to success is simple - provide a great service that’s better than the service provided by anyone else at a realistic price!!

The first twelve months of any business development are crucial and our comprehensive franchise support means that we will be holding your hand every step of the way. We do this by the provision of an individual package of pre-start and post start service that are designed to give our new franchisees the best possible start in their business.

Module of Affiliation

Wee Kids offers Franchise for any educational institution under following two modules

​Franchise Module

Wee Kids always look forward to partnering with like-minded individuals who are passionate about making a significant difference in the Early Education Space in Nepal. If you share the same enthusiasm for holistic early education as we do, we would be delighted to have you join our fast-growing franchise family of Wee Kids as a Franchise Unit Partner. Say hello to us, and let's embark on this fulfilling journey together!

Powered By Module

At "Powered By" module, our primary goal is to establish an enriching environment within your existing preschool. You have the flexibility to retain your current preschool brand name while partnering with Wee Kids as a Support Partner. Wee Kids will assist you with your curriculum, branding, and overall preschool operations. Together, we strive to nurture your child's growth and lay a strong foundation for their future learning and explorative journey.

A proven business model with a robust ROI for our Franchisees partners.


Wee Kids Preschool’ Franchise 360-Degree Support Package

Wee Kids Preschool franchise 360-degree support package contains all of the pre-start up support, training, help and post start initial support that you will need to get your business launched successfully including: 

Pre-Launch Support


  • Site identification & evaluation.
  • Develop a business plan to reflect how the business will operate in your chosen location.
  • Infrastructure & ambiance design.
  • Legal documentation.
  • Assistance with producing a business plan and raising finance (on request).
  • Agreements as needed.
  • Market survey guidance and analysis.
  • 2 to 3 days of initial induction training for you and your initial members of staff.

Launch Support


  • Five days post-opening onsite support to help you get the business launched.
  • Bluebook - infrastructure designs/ floor plan.
  • HR support - recruitment of coordinator and teachers.
  • Facilitate marketing and admissions process.
  • IT support and students essentials.

Post-Launch Support


  • Comprehensive franchise operations manual.
  • Curriculum and lesson plans created with specific learning objectives.
  • Ongoing on-site and virtual teacher training once every month.
  • Software support and guidance.
  • Marketing and operational support.
  • Enrolment support (lead management).
  • Business management portal.
  • Center inspection and visit from the corporate office every quarter.
We don’t just get you up and running and then leave you to it. Our success is dependent upon your success on an ongoing basis and so we will be there to continue to provide you with help and support including:

  • Annual business review and revision of the business plan
  • Ongoing service development to ensure that our centers always remain in line with current trends and best practices
  • Ongoing marketing advice to maximize the return and minimize the cost
  • Website development and maintenance for both the central site and your local mini sites
  • Social media management and support (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Problem solving as required
  • Opportunities to network with other franchisees at franchisee meetings, conferences, online webinars and chat room.
Underlying Principles
The whole process happens in 7 phases. The first phase starts with the enquiry that has been put up by a prospective franchisee. In the next 6 days, a representative is assigned to you and he/she will help you out throughout the process. The representative meets up with you. Then, within the next fortnight to 20 days, the representative helps in finalizing the location. Once it is done, the agreement (MOU) is signed with the franchisee. From then on, over the next 20-25 days, the franchisee receives assistance from Wee Kids Preschool on the whole setup of the Preschool and also receives training on how to manage it. By day 60, the franchisee is all set to launch the preschool.

Day 1

Enquiry with Wee Kids Preschool

Day 5

Meeting the business representative

Day 12

Finalizing your preschool location

Day 15

MOU signing

Day 20

Franchise Agreement signing

Day 50

Setup of preschool & training

Day 60

Launch of preschool
Timeline with Activities

  • On acceptance of the Brand and implementation the Franchisee signs up an MOU with the Brand.
  • On signing of the MOU, the Franchisee pays 50% of the franchise amount.
  • The Franchisee finalizes the location to start the preschool.
  • The Franchisor verifies the property location for approval. Additionally, states out the business plan as per the area and finalizes the Return on Investment and Fee Structure.
  • Subsequently the Franchisee signs up the Franchisee Agreement and pays the balance 50% of the amount.


If you want to be part of Wee Kids preschool

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