Franchise FAQs

We are totally committed to building and maintaining a highly professional and successful network of franchisees. In our business the secret to success is simple - provide a great service that’s better than the service provided by anyone else at a realistic price!! 

Get to know what you have to do to own a Wee Kids Preschool.

The Investment would range between NPR 25 to 35 Lakh for new establishment, depending upon the location and area chosen, excluding property construction and franchise fee.

Franchise fees are paid at the time of signing of the agreement.

You can have your own property or can be rented property but property must be completely exclusive or compounded in such a way to make it completely exclusive during school session. Minimum area of 6 Ana which can be owned or rented (minimum preferred space for running Playgroup, Nursery, Jr.KG and Sr.KG is 2000 sq feet.). For rented property a minimum of 5 years of lease agreement is required.

Any individual or business entity who meet following requirements can be Wee Kids Preschool’ franchise

  • Experienced, business professionals with available investment capital, entrepreneurs who have the means and skills to fund and operate a business with massive growth potential
  • People who understand the importance and value of quality education for young children.
  • Thinkers with the necessary insight to promote the industry’s best educational programs.

Yes, you should be registered with any one of Governmental body of Nepal- Company Register Office, Department of Co-operative, Guthi or/ and other legal body of Nepal

Entity should be established on its own name and all legal activities for franchise should be conducted with the legal entity. Wee Kids Preschool Nepal only authorizes to use its Intellectual Property (IP) brand, corporate logos, curriculum once the legal entity signs MOU with the Wee Kids Preschool Nepal. 

Yes, it is Absolutely possible to get a running play school converted to Wee Kids Preschool provided you meet our minimum requirements.

Yes, we do help our partners in recruitment & training of the key persons.

Initial induction training can be held at your own preschool or any of designated Wee Kids Preschool Centers.

Agreement is valid for 5 years and can be subsequently renewed thereafter.

It usually varies between 30-60 days (30 for existing preschool and 60 for new setup) for infrastructure development, orientation and set up depending upon the proposed site.

Yes, you need to adhere to our brand guidelines for the construction & design of the school.

We would decide the fees as per mutual understanding & after proper survey of the area.

Wee Kids Preschool is constantly engaged in brand building activities. We would be doing national level marketing activities and the local activities based on agreed terms and conditions. You can undertake your local marketing activities but need to take a prior consent from the brand before you do so, also, we would be guiding you what activities you should do in your area.

Yes, we do provide kits for every student at a nominal cost.

We would be giving you the list of equipment that would be necessary to run the school along with educational equipment offered from the brand. You are free to source this equipment from any other vendor without compromising the quality and brand guidelines.