Prerequisites for Wee Kids Franchise

Operational Area 

Preferred location for Wee Kids Preschool Centers is resident area or semi-commercial, with no Hazard on surrounding areas like garbage dump, factory, open drainage, electrical installations (substations, transformers, open HT cables) etc.

  • Property must be completely exclusive or compounded in such a way to make it completely exclusive during school session.
  • Minimum area of 6 Ana which can be owned or rented (Minimum preferred space for running Playgroup, Nursery, Jr.KG and Sr.KG is 2000 sq feet.)
    • For rented property a minimum of 5 years of lease agreement is required.
    • Preferably an individual house with outdoor area (on ground floor), with separate boundary wall along with outdoor play area.
    • Approach roads must be motorable.


Investment Amount

The investment amount varies depending upon the size of the pre-school and the city in which you are present in but you have to have investment between NPR 20 to 35 Lakhs to get started with Wee Kids Preschool Center (cost may go up based on your location and facility that you may be providing). Agreement is valid for five-year and can be subsequently renewed thereafter with 40% of renewal cost by end of five years’ period.


If you want to be part of Wee Kids preschool

Download Franchise Application Form

Registration Details

Should be registered with any one of following Governmental body of Nepal

  • Company Register Office, Department of Co-operative, Guthi or/ and other legal body of Nepal
    • Entity should be established on its own name and all legal activities for franchise should be conducted with the legal entity.
    • Wee Kids Preschool Nepal only authorizes to use its Intellectual Property (IP) brand, corporate logos, curriculum once the legal entity signs MOU with the Wee Kids Preschool.