What do we offer?

We at Wee Kids Preschool believe every child is unique and capable of being strong, resilient and capable learner with the right guidance and learn at their own pace, thus, we provide them with enabling environments which caters to each individual child's needs and gives them the freedom to expand their knowledge and development. We encourage children to be strong and independent when required, forming the basis for positive relationships that they will go on to have in their future. By following our Play-Way Methodology Curriculum in association with our partner school- Little Elly, each child will be taught a wide range of skills to aid their physical and mental development.
Enabling Environment - bright and cheerful classrooms with lots of colors, vibrant fun and play, designed to encourage your child's natural curiosity and desire to learn about their world.


Age-appropriate Knowledge Building - the lessons we offer are creative, engaging, interactive, age-appropriate age and engineered using the latest research and technology by our in-house Research and Development (R&D) team.


Mindfulness Practice - sharing with them skillful ways of relating to life's uncomfortable and challenging moments to help them cultivate resilience and develop and refine their mindfulness practice as they mature.


Brain Based Learning - learning in the way the brain is naturally designed to learn, through interactions with the environment, use of the senses and stimulation.


Synergistic Learning - learning with peers. Our teachers include the pattern of talk-teach-group discussion in the classroom. Learning happens when the brain is seated with other brains and able to talk to the teacher.


Innovative & Integrated Curriculum - promote holistic goals, development of life skills, dispositions and attitudes towards learning, as well as academic competence. Our alive and constantly evolving curriculum focuses on encouraging your child to Think, Dream, Plan, Share and Make.


Behavior Modeling of the child- helping children discover positive behaviors through observational learning. We surround your children with constructive models and situations where positive behaviors are reinforced.


And many more….

  • Development of Moral Value
  • Physical Development
  • Interactive sessions with UK preschools
  • Hygienic & Secured Environment
  • Community Interaction
  • Safe and Nutritionist Approved School Cooked Three Time Meal
  • Open Door Policy
  • Pick and Drop Facility
  • Safety and security and Constant Monitoring through CCTVs
Outstanding Teachers -our teachers’ passion and creativity make learning fun and exciting & help children to understand themselves. The ongoing training and workshop session will surely add values to the child's learning. 


Ideal Teacher- Child Ratio - we respect individual differences in children and believe that each child learns and grows at his/her pace. To cater to the individual needs of children, we have an ideal Teacher: Child ratio. Younger the children, the more individual attention they need.


Attention to Child Performance - We do not test the child but keep a track of the development of each individual child. Our carefully organized play helps develop qualities such as attention span, perseverance, concentration and problem solving, which at the age of four are stronger predictors of academic success. Additionally, we provide specifically mobile application for student’s documentation and tracking their academic progress.


Involvement of Parents in the School and Teaching – regular based parent teachers meeting, group communication provides opportunity for parents to learn about their child’s progress at school while parents also contribute their observations of their child’s learning at home so that a complete picture of a child’s development can be achieved.


Language and Literacy Development- children are provided with opportunities to express themselves, participate in conversations, ask questions and use their emerging reading skills to make meaning from print. Language is one of the most important areas of child development. Our communication skills set us apart and it unites us with each other.


School Readiness- Year 1 programs are designed to make a smooth transition to Grade 1 in formal school, with specific focus on local curriculum and requirements.

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