Admissions FAQs

Wee Kids Preschool strives to provide exceptional care in a safe and nurturing environment, create an enriching learning experience for each child and seek out the most compassionate and qualified staff to care for your child. 

If you have any questions related to admission, please refer to following FAQs. Also you can reach us through Quick Contact form for any further additional quarries. 

Wee Kids Preschool accepts local and international students between ages of 18 months to 6 years.

  • Toddler (18 months to 2.5 years old)
  • Early Years (the year they turn 2.5 years old)
  • Reception (the year they turn 3.5 years old)
  • Year 1 (the year they turn 4.5 years old)

Our environment, curriculum and our teachers are the special features of Play-way methodology based curriculum. At Wee Kids Preschool the basic aim is to develop the child by focusing on its physical, intellectual, emotional and physical growth. The unique feature of our syllabus is that it is innovative, thematic and skill based. Atmosphere at Wee Kids Preschool will be safe, friendly and colorful.

The Pre School academic year is from April to March. Admission may be granted during other months, depending upon the availability of seats.

  • A birth Certificate as a proof of age from the authorized body is required at the time of Registration.
  • Four passport sized photographs are to be submitted at the time of the registration along with a copy of the immunization record of the Child.

At Wee Kids Preschool, we maintain a 1: 10 teacher/student ratio in our preschool classes and a 1:20 teacher/student ratio in our preschool classes.

Our Centre Head and Teachers hold a minimum of Bachelor of Education or equivalence degree and/or a diploma in Early Childhood Education and have previous teaching experience. All the staff have a valid Childcare First Aid certification and have a complete background Record Check. Wee Kids Preschool corporate office will be providing various training on a regular basis based on curriculum, child safety and various aspects of early childhood in regular intervals.

Children at Wee Kids Preschool centers are handled only by trained professionals. We train our employees in- house also to ensure they work with children as per our set standards.

Wee Kids Preschool provides the children with individualized learning, development and care- to give each child the best possible start in life and offering activities to reflect their interests and development. We have a cognitive, constructivist curriculum where emphasis is placed on activity-based child-centered learning experiences. Our curriculum is sourced from the Play-Way methodology which  emphasis on activity based child centered learning experiences.

Our curriculum makes extensive use of the Neuro Linguistic Program and the Multiple Intelligence theory and is planned around the child’s interests, curiosity, and their natural quest for knowledge; leading to inquiring, exploring, discovering, questioning with active hands-on learning.

 The Play Way methodology aims to provide:

  • Quality and consistency in all early years’ classes
  • A secure foundation through learning opportunities tailored to the needs of pupils of this age group
  • Partnership working between parents and teachers
  • Equality of opportunity to support children of all backgrounds

The well balanced and holistic curriculum provides the hands-on exploratory learning experience that prepares the child to any type of formal Pre School. We also focus on additional curriculum as per the need based on the specific requirement of the child before they graduate from our centers. To that end qualified educationists provide expert counseling for parents too.

Formal Assessments are conducted thrice per year. These assessments not only help parents to understand where their child is in his or her development, but also what areas can be strengthened. We incorporate both informal and standardized assessments during the year, as well as noting the individuality of each child relative to his or her own progress.

  • Teachers' observations of a child reflect the child's growth and needs, both as an individual and as part of a group. This plays an important role in the day-to-day plans of the class. These details are updated to student mobile application at the end of each day’s business hours.
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences are held thrice per year, immediately following the completion of assessments. These conferences are mandatory for the preschool program, and highly encouraged for all other age groups. If we have a concern about your child's development, a conference is required regardless of age. Conferences may also be requested at other times by either parents or teachers as the need arises.

Preschool Graduates of Wee Kids Preschool move on to a variety of schools. We receive positive feedback from both parents and teachers that Wee Kids Preschool graduates excel when starting primary school and are any significant advantage academically, socially and developmentally. Majority of our students go on to pass rigorous entrance assessments into prestigious schools.

We do provide a set of Uniforms which are worn on a particular day for each group. On other days, children have the liberty of selecting their choice of colors and comfort. However, we insist the parents to dress the children neatly in comfortable and easy to take off clothing for the bathroom. Keeping a spare dress in the bag is advised. Children must not wear any gold jewelry or bring valuable things from home to the Preschool. The Pre School will not be liable for any losses. Uniform is mandatory on field trip days.

Yes, most Wee Kids Preschool Centers provide transport facilities.

Yes, specially made Activity Books & Worksheets are used according to the age group of the child. These are tailored made lot concept developments around are Full of exciting activities for the children. Worksheets are given home regularly which can be retained. Parents have to make sure that books are returned back the next day.

It is not unusual for us to have children starting with us who do not speak English. Our caring teachers are adept at making each child feel welcome and included in all activities, and parents will notice a burst of language early on. Children learn languages quickly, and our teachers are proficient in encouraging children to gradually begin to express themselves confidently.

Yes, After Pre School childcare is at the select Wee Kids Preschool centers.

No! Wee Kids Preschool will provide a three-time meal based on recommendation by a nutritionist. The meal plan differs during summer and winter days and we serve healthy meals cooked at our centers.

Wee Kids Preschool is closed during public holidays and special occasions declared by Local Government and Authorities. List of holidays, vacations and days off are published in our Yearly Calendar prior to the start of each session. 

Our software provides you with the comprehensive details of activities of the child, which will be updated on a daily basis. You will receive a list of events and activities at the beginning of every month. Periodically, teachers will share pictures of your children enjoying activities on Facebook and social media. Also, parent-teacher conferences are available quarterly.

We Kids has an ‘open door' policy and conducts an open day when parents or babysitters could come to the school and sit with the child. One day of the week to be opted by them as open day. Since the school cannot accommodate all the students the same day, the open day is allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Parents or guardians cannot visit the premises/classroom on a working day without prior permission of the Center Coordinator. They can attend the open day regularly or can also come on Saturday with prior appointment to meet the teacher or center coordinator.

All those listed on our student registration form can pick up your child. You may also call us to notify us of a person not on your paperwork who will pick up your child. In case of separation between the parents, staff may not release children to anyone who is not authorized by the custodial parent.

If a parent or authorized person is late in picking the child up, we will keep the child engaged with some activity. If a child is consistently picked up late, the Pre School will take further action by raising the fee or calling a parent/teacher conference. Children become upset when their parents are not on time so, please call us if you know you will be late. Staff members are never allowed to transport children home.

All Wee Kids Preschool centers have been set up keeping safety precautions in mind. We also have 24 security provided to all of our centers. Children are picked up and dropped by responsible employees and assisted by a maid at all times.

For some children, this is their first separation from their parents. We understand that this is often a difficult experience for youngsters. It is important to let your child know you are leaving, but will come back for thein after class. For the first few days you may want to stay 5 to 10 minutes in the hallway or in the car. We will be glad to check on your child's progress. Your classroom teacher will let you know when your child feels comfortable with the new environment.

Wee Kids Preschool is officially a completely nonsectarian institution. However, we celebrate all the social and religious festivals not limited to any caste or creed, at Pre School (like Holi, Ganesh, Christmas and Eid) as a part of Wee Kids Preschool’ cultural curriculum. All faiths and belief systems are respected, and children are welcome to share traditions and observe religious holidays as they choose.

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